Track 1 verification

Parties that meet the eligibility requirements for Track 1 can set their own requirements for verification of emission reductions:

Where it is considered to meet the eligibility requirements set out in paragraph 21 above, a host Party may verify reductions in anthropogenic emissions by sources or enhancements of anthropogenic removals by sinks from an Article 6 project as being additional to any that would otherwise occur, in accordance with Article 6, paragraph 1 (b).  Upon such verification, the host Party may issue the appropriate quantity of ERUs in accordance with the relevant provisions of decision 13/CMP.1 (9/CMP.1, Annex, paragraph 23).

Verification under Track 1 regulations may be carried out by an accredited independent entity (AIE) in accordance with the Track 2 procedure, or may be subject to more detailed national requirements.


The verification process in Romania is set out in the National procedure for using Joint Implementation (JI) mechanism under Track 1, and is as follows:

  1. The AIE prepares a draft verification report according to the Track 2 guidelines.
  2. The AIE, through the project's focal point, submits the monitoring report and draft verification report to the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MESD) for comments.
  3. MESD, in conjunction with the national technical authority (NEPA), performs a technical appraisal of the monitoring report.  MESD submits its comments to the focal point within 15 days of the submission of the monitoring report and draft verification report, unless additional time has been requested.  If no comments are received within this deadline, the emission reductions or removals are deemed to be finally verified.
  4. The AIE and the project participants take into account the comments from MESD and finalise the monitoring report and the verification report.
  5. The final verification report is resubmitted to MESD and forms the basis for the issuance of ERUs.  It is also published on a dedicated website established by MESD.

Information on Track 1 procedures, including designated focal points (DFPs) and national guidelines and procedures for approving JI projects, is available for each Party from the UNFCCC website here.

Last updated on 15 October 2008

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