Track 1 monitoring

Parties that meet the eligibility requirements for Track 1 can set their own requirements for monitoring:

Where it is considered to meet the eligibility requirements set out in paragraph 21 above, a host Party may verify reductions in anthropogenic emissions by sources or enhancements of anthropogenic removals by sinks from an Article 6 project as being additional to any that would otherwise occur, in accordance with Article 6, paragraph 1 (b).  Upon such verification, the host Party may issue the appropriate quantity of ERUs in accordance with the relevant provisions of decision 13/CMP.1 (9/CMP.1, Annex, paragraph 23).

Although this decision does not refer to monitoring, the term 'verification' is generally used in the JI rules as an umbrella term which refers to determination, monitoring and verification.

Often, the requirements for monitoring under Track 1 national regulations are almost identical to the requirements under the Track 2 process, in that monitoring is carried out by project participants and then verified by an independent entity.

In other cases, the monitoring is carried out by the independent entity and then verified by a government entity.


The Bulgarian JI Guidelines, adopted in September 2006, specify that the project developer must carry out monitoring, prepare a monitoring report and deliver the report to the accredited independent entity (AIE).  A copy of the report is also delivered to the JI Sector (a government agency within the Minstry of Environment and Water).  The AIE makes the monitoring report publicly available and verifies whether the monitoring has been carried out in accordance with the monitoring plan.

The AIE then prepares a verification report which is submitted to the project developer and the JI Sector and is also made publicly available.


The Resolution of Approval of the Procedure for Consideration, Approval and Implementation of Projects Aimed at Anthropogenic Emission Reduction or Greenhouse Gas Absorption Increase Pursuant to Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (the Ukraine JI Rules) specify that monitoring of emission reductions must be performed by an independent expert organisation.

The organisation must then submit the monitoring report to the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine for determination.  Monitoring data is then required to be published in the mass media.

Information on Track 1 procedures, including designated focal points (DFPs) and national guidelines and procedures for approving JI projects, is available for each Party from the UNFCCC website here.

Last updated on 15 October 2008

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