Referencing this site

We suggest the following approach to referencing material on this site, from the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (Second Edition):

JI Rulebook, [Section name] > [Chapter name, if applicable] > [Page name], <[page reference]>, at [date of retrieval]

For example, if you wish to reference material from the 'What is a baseline?' page in the Baselines and Additionality chapter in the Large-Scale project cycle section:

JI Rulebook, Large-Scale > Baselines and Additionality > What is a baseline? <[page reference]>, at 29 November 2008

If you wish to reference an A-Z item:

JI Rulebook, A-Z Items > Accreditation of independent entities, <[page reference]>, at 29 November 2008

As the JI Rulebook is continually updated, no year should be included after the title of the page.  The date accessed is sufficient to indicate the currency of the material.  As the title and author of the site are the same (JI Rulebook), a single reference to this at the front of the citation is sufficient.

Last updated on 17 September 2010